Parquet Flooring by Earthwood Floors

Better Timber Flooring, supply parquetry, or parquet flooring as Chevron Parquet, Herringbone Parquet and in a range of panels featuring traditional and non-traditional designs. Due to the intricate patterns parquet flooring was historically a sign of vast wealth.

We use our own brand of recycled, re-milled Australian hardwood to produce our parquet – Earthwood Floors™.  Precision parquetry by Earthwood Floors™ is quality, engineered Australian hardwood timber that has been precision manufactured to exact specifications meeting national and international standards.

This level of precision in parquetry provides architects, builders and specifiers greater levels of confidence when choosing their building materials. Unlike solid timber boards, engineered hardwood has very few problems with cupping and crowning of boards.

Parquetry Panels with Herringbone Design in Gladstone Pipeline Reds
Pre-cut Chevron Parquetry

Chevron Parquet is a stylish and timeless European design. Also known as 'Hungarian Point'. Chevron can be specified at different angles from 30°, 45° and 60°.

Parquetry Panels

Re-milled Parquet Panels featuring Marie Antoinette, Bordeaux and Demure patterns. Available in Victorian Origins, Legacy Rough Sawn and Gladstone Pipeline.

Pre-cut Herringbone Parquetry

Herringbone - one of the original parquet patterns developed in Europe. In 1539, King Francois I of France, used this design on his Fontainebleau Palace.

Parquetry Borders

Parquet Borders can be used to transition between zones or integrated into the overall design.