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Ground breaking floor clamps - QuikBRACE wins the 2016 Innovation of the Year Award from ATFA, the Australasian Timber Flooring Association

QuikBrace NB002 Pneumatic Floor Clamps represent the best in professional hardwood flooring clamp technology.

This simple-to-use, innovative flooring clamps tool can help a timber flooring professional work up to six times faster than other traditional timber floor installation methods, all the while doing controlled and accurate high-quality work and creating tight, secure joints every time!
QuikBRACE floor clamps were the winners of the ATFA 2016 Award for Excellence, Innovative Product of the Year and have seen floor clamps, arguably become the most significant industry breakthrough since the secret nailer.
Winner 2016 ATFA Innovation Award
Advanced Flooring Technology

With air-powered pneumatic action and the ability to brace five or more boards at a time, this product can help your flooring business complete any commercial or domestic job with ease.
Working as a professional timber flooring installer can be a tough, yet rewarding job - with QuikBRACE Floor Clamps, we take a little bit of the tough out of it.

QuikBRACE floor clamps lay timber floors 6x faster

QuikBRACE floor clamps are the most significant industry breakthrough since the secret nailer.
QuikBRACE floor clamps perform perfectly in all types of flooring installations

QuikBrace floor laying machine standard setup
QuikBrace Laying Timber Floor Over Concrete Setup
QuikBrace Over Joists Setup
Using QuikBrace with Pre-Finished Floorboards

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