Our Brands

It's the winner of the 2016 ATFA Innovation of the Year award. The QuikBrace NB002 Pneumatic Floor Clamp..

The QuikBrace NB002 Pneumatic Floor Laying Clamp represents the best in professional flooring technology. This simple-to-use cutting-edge tool can help a flooring professional work up to six times faster than other methods.

Acoustaply is an Acoustic and Thermal insulation panels and floor leveling system. Acoustaply legally complies with building code minimum requirements for foot fall noise pollution in strata management and dual occupancy homes.

Finally, a multi-tool blade that lasts! QuikBLADE out-cuts competitors with blades lasting up to 8 times longer!

QuikBLADE is made from hardened Japanese steel. This is why our multi tool blades produce such good results.

Made from 100% reclaimed timber, earthwood flooring is saving the planet one forest at a time. Remember, 100% recycled wood = 100% planet good!