17 Mar 2019
Australian Hardwood 160mm Prefinished Engineered Flooring for $132 square meter with Free delivery to All Metro areas Australia Wide

Pre-Finished Engineered Floorboards. Now in 160mm and 200mm wide floorboards.

Pre-Finished Engineered Floorboards made from Reclaimed, Re-milled, Recycled Australian Hardwood!

We are excited to offer new options to our range of pre-finished engineered flooring.  Now available as:

  • 160mm pre-finished engineered flooring. 15mm thick with 3mm re-sandable hardwood top layer; and
  • 200mm pre-finished engineered flooring.  15mm thick with 3mm re-sandable hardwood top layer

The timbers that are reclaimed, re-milled and recycled to produce Earthwood Victorian Origins Engineered Floorboards are hand-removed structural timbers from houses and warehouses demolished across Victoria in South Eastern Australia.

Timber species reclaimed include BlackbuttOakMessmateAlpine AshMountain AshStringybark, Silvertop Ash, and Southern Beech.

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