EarthWood Floors™  – Timber With a Story.

Reclaimed, Remilled, Repurposed Australian Hardwood. 100% Recycled Wood = 100% Planet Good.

EarthWood Floors™, Engineered Floorboards made from 100% Recycled Australian Hardwood.

Most sustainable flooring option

170mm wide Legacy Roughsawn Planks

EarthWood Floors™ - Recycled Australian Hardwood.

Beautiful floorboards re-milled from the reclaimed antique beams and rustic mantels of barns, bridges, house and warehouse demolitions Australia wide.

The timber salvaged and recycled to produce these beautiful floorboards was traditionally demolished by excavators and sent to land fill because this was the fastest and easiest way to do a demolition.

Precision Engineered for Specifiers

Engineered Hardwood Flooring for Architectural Project Perfection

Commercial quantities of structural grade engineered flooring made from 100% recycled Australian hardwood timber is now available for specification by architects and interior designers.

EarthWood Floors’ recycled, engineered flooring is sold as two different mixed species collections: Victorian Origins and Gladstone Pipeline.

Superior Sustainability

A Multitude of Sustainable Benefits

The sustainable benefits of reclaimed, re-milled, recycled  timber flooring are numerous.  Conservation of our old growth forests, increased carbon storage and lower greenhouse gas emissions are positive environmental effects, well understood by sustainable conscious consumers.

Earthwood Floors offers consumers a whole new level of sustainability and environmental choice for flooring than exists on the market today.

Engineered Timber Flooring made from 100% Recycled, Reclaimed and Re-milled Australian Hardwood

  • Reclaimed timbers are incredibly well seasoned

  • Floorboards with more character and patina

  • Standard, Wide and Ultra wide floorboard sizes

  • 100% Australian Hardwood

  • 100% Recycled Wood = 100% Planet Good

A Hybrid Designed Solid Surface With An Engineered Base

hybrid engineered flooring SOLID+BASE

Reclaimed timbers used in Earthwood Floors is re-hydrated and moisture balanced in controlled kilns to meet international standards for machining and drying, and precision milled to final form.

This rigorous process guarantees the structural integrity and durability of all products by Earthwood Floors .

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