Sydney Blue Gum. Hardwood Species Specification Data

Timber Species: Sydney Blue Gum (Eucalyptus saligna)


Sydney Blue GumA large flowering hardwood that stretches from Queensland to the New South Wales seaboard, the Sydney blue gum can grow as tall as 65 meters high and with a trunk diameter of between 2 and 2.5 meters. Straight-trunked with either smooth grey or white bark above a rougher-barked brownish base, Sydney blue gum trees bloom from December through February in bunches of seven to eleven distinctive white flowers.

Usually restricted to around 120 kilometers of the coastline, the Sydney blue gum fits an important ecological niche in addition to its utility as a building and construction timber. Its seeds are a delicacy to birds such as the Crimson Rosella, Koala enjoy the taste of its leaves, and the grey-headed flying fox can be seen eating the flowers during blooming seasons. However, an aggressive bird species known as the bell miner also enjoys the Sydney blue gum, and ecologists are currently investigating the impetus behind what they’ve termed bell miner-related canopy dieback.

As a timber, Sydney blue gum is relatively hard and dense without being difficult to work with thanks to its Janka rating of 9 and its dry density of 850 kg/m³. Its rich dark honey-colored wood and straight, interlocked grain makes it perfect for solid timber flooring, engineered wood, and parquetry, but less suited for outdoor decking. It’s a favorite of furniture builders and boat builders and features heavily in paneling and general building construction thanks to its versatility and red-hued beauty, which features variations of soft, dark pinks and reddish browns.


Physical Properties

Dry Density:  850 kg/m³

Janka Hardness: 9 kN

These properties are only a guide, as timber is a natural product there will be variations within any species. The Janka Dry Hardness rating measures the hardness of the wood. The higher the number the harder the wood.

 Technical Properties of Sydney Blue Gum

Species Name

Sydney Blue Gum

Botanical Name

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus saligna



Colour Range


Janka Hardness

Janka (Hardness) Rating - Dry


Natural Durability
Natural Durability Class

In-ground contact
Outside above ground contact



Timber Density
Density (kg/m3)

Unseasoned (Green)
Seasoned (Dry)


Strength Group

Strength Group

Unseasoned (Green)
Seasoned (Dry)


Joint Group
Joint Group

Unseasoned (Green)
Seasoned (Dry)


Fire Indices
Fire Indices

Spread-of-Flame Index
Smoke-Developed Index
Critical Radiant Flux
Smoke Development Rate
Group Number
Naturally bushfire-resisting Timber

>2.2 to <4.5

Tangential Shrikage
Tangential Shrinkage %


Timber Toughness

Toughness (Nm)

Naturally Unseasoned(Green)
Seasoned (Dried)




Termite Resistant

Naturally Termite Resistant to AS3660

R = Resistant
NR = Non resistant


Lyctu Susceptible

Naturally Lyctus Susceptible

S = Susceptible
NS = Non susceptible


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