Australian Hardwood Species Used in Timber Flooring

Species of Australian Hardwood used in Engineered Timber Flooring and Floorboards

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Australian hardwood  species used in timber flooring

View Species Specification Data Sheets for the following types of Australian Hardwood to learn more including the Botanical Name, Janka Rating, Density, Strength Group, Fire Indicies and Termite Resistance of Aussie Timber.


.Australian Beech




Australian Hardwood Species - Brushbox. Brushbox


Forest Reds Aussie Hardwoods. Forest Reds


Grey Ironbark, Australian Hardwood timber species. Grey Ironbark


Australian Hardwood Timber Species, Jarrah. Jarrah


Messmate, An Australian Hardwood used to make Floorboards. Messmate


New England Oak, Aussie Hardwood Species. New England Oak


Red IronbarkRed Ironbark


Red Mahogany. Red Mahogany


River Reds, Australian Hardwood. River Reds


Spotted Gum Hardwood Timber Flooring Species. Spotted Gum


Stringybark, Australian Hardwood Timber Type used in Flooring. Stringybark


Sydney Blue Gum. Sydney Blue Gum


Tallowwood. Tallowwood


turpentine, Australian hardwood species. Turpentine


tassie oak hardwood species in australia. Tasmanian Oak


Victorian Ash, Hardwood Flooring Species. Victorian Ash


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