130mm Gladstone Pipeline finished with 2K Impact Oil

130mm Gladstone Pipeline Reds finished with burnishing oil

Earthwood Victorian Origins is supplied unfinished (raw).

The sample you are viewing is coated with a burnishing oil. Earthwood Gladstone Pipeline Reds is supplied raw, and requires finishing on-site at the time of installation.

A durable two component hard oil for wood floors. Based on 100% natural vegetable oils, HS 2K ImpactOil contains no solvents, water or waxes. Suitable for residential as well as high traffic commercial areas.

Superior Protection

Excellent chemical resistance. Suitable for residential as well as high traffic commercial areas.

Transparent Finish

Easy to apply. Non ambering. Looks and feels like natural untreated wood.

Non Toxic

Water based. Solvent free. Safe for your children and pets.

100% Planet Good

Recycled Timber Flooring by Earthwood Floors

The timbers that are reclaimed, re-milled and recycled to produce Earthwood Victorian Origins Floorboards are hand-removed structural timbers from houses and warehouses demolished across Victoria in South Eastern Australia.

100% Recycled Wood = 100% Planet Good

Victorian Origins Mixed Species

Reclaimed timber species in Earthwood Victorian Origins includes: Blackbutt, Oak, Messmate, Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash, Stringybark, Silvertop Ash, and Southern Beech.

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