Acoustaply™ is an incredibly versatile, acoustic and thermal insulating floor panel.
It doubles as the world's easiest floor leveling solution. Say goodbye to stress and expensive costs,

Ready-made, quality factory assembled, flooring underlay

Eliminates onsite acclimatising rubber, this product significantly cuts install time of sub-floor which can save money and headaches. Australian designed and manufactured , this combination of rebated ply and insulation rubber makes easy work of flooring underlay.

Under any finished floor the qualities are noticeably improved, even under carpet the superior insulated floor panels can save in the long-term by reducing energy costs both in summer and winter.

Rebated panels lap over each edge of the adjoining panel that greatly increases the acoustic and thermal values. Acoustaply™ is an easy way to systematically install the floor, and by following a few simple guidelines this is a great product for tradesmen or a DIY person.

When walls, windows, ceilings and roofs are all insulated this subfloor system will create the total finished product for any new home or any renovation. It’s a great option upgrade from fixing and gluing ply on concrete.

The Acoustaply™ can be floated over moisture membrane sheeting which alleviates the expense of applied coatings. It saves potential squeaky, creaky, hollow, 'drummy' spots and there is no need for drilling or shooting for fixings into concrete, a method that is typically used when installing ply over concrete.

Wholesale Offer on BCA compliant Acoustic and Thermal insulation - subfloor

Acoustaply Wholesale Offer
Wholesale Offer Only


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Stockists and distributors

  • Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)
  • Loba - on top!
  • Sydney Tools
  • Abbey Timber
  • Floor Sanding Supplies Melbourne
  • lagler australia
  • Mixed Hardwood
  • Blackbutt
  • Turpentine
  • Red Mahogany
  • hardwood-species-swatch-greybox
  • Stringy Bark
  • Tallow Wood
  • hardwood-species-swatch-mountain-ash
  • Victorian Ash
  • hardwood-speciesswatch-tas-oak
  • Brush Box
  • hardwood-species-swatch-silvertop-ash
  • Spotted Gum
  • hardwood-species-swatch-grey-ironbark
  • Red Ironbark
  • hardwood-species-swatch-jarrah
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